Our Story 

Once upon a time, a yogi decided she wanted to try to get stronger and leaner by adding “real workouts” to her week (ha!). Looking for guidance, she started going to the gym and emulating those around her doing these trendy, new HIIT circuits. Meanwhile, a fit chick was starting to get fed up with her minor injuries and her personal struggle with lack of proper stretching. She decided to put “stretch” and “do yoga” on her ever-expanding to-do list, but the two just never seemed to get crossed off. Both girls, certified instructors in their own disciplines, felt they were still missing something in their new wellness adventures until something amazing happened - they found each other! They began sharing, encouraging, sweating, and stretching together until a new idea was naturally born. Lo and behold, this Aquarius and Libra dynamic duo created BuddhaBurn, a total-body workout class fusing high-intensity interval training with targeted yoga sequences to create a powerful, challenging, and inspiring fitness experience.

They think it is something truly special - and they can’t wait to share it with you.